Friday, February 15, 2008

Principal, Editors Seek Common Ground

A controversy about an article in the Franklin High School student newspaper took on a life of its own last week and became a major news story. Unlike similar situations where players have drawn a line in the sand, this time the student editors and the principal took a breath and met to discuss their differences and seek solutions.

Both the principal and the editors brought mutual respect and a commitment to listen and find common ground to the table. The result is a team effort to establish a process for covering controversial topics that includes a variety of credible sources and feedback without compromising the students’ freedom of expression.

The job isn’t finished, but the willingness to agree to disagree about some issues and still work together for a positive result is established.

The best educational moments are multifaceted. This was one of those moments. Everyone involved had the opportunity to explore the practical application of journalistic issues…and conflict resolution. The Johnson County Daily Journal has done a good job of covering this issue if you'd like to check it out.

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Jennifer Searcy said...

Can anyone say "dejavu"? I feel like I have been there before...