Friday, May 2, 2008

The Rock Star State

It’s fun to be part of a rock star state.

Indiana’s high school newspaper staffs have had the opportunity to cover a major national election story up close and personal for the first time since 1968, providing them with an incredible educational opportunity to participate in the democratic process.

In addition to news coverage, student journalists have written features and opinion articles with a variety of angles relevant to teenagers. They have taken their own photographs and created pages with striking graphics and designs. Bloomington High School North devoted an entire publication to the primary.

Thanks to both the Clinton and Obama campaign staffs, students have been welcome to attend the rallies and town hall meetings as journalists. Advisers say their students have enjoyed the process of obtaining press credentials, working beside professionals and even putting in the extra hours required to report breaking news.

While some staffs have endorsed a candidate on their editorial pages, others have simply urged students to study the issues and if they are old enough, vote. All who have participated will remember the experience long after their student newspaper days have passed.

Anyone interested in viewing some of their work is invited to view sample pages on the bottom of the IHSPA Web site. Click Here to go to IHSPA's Home Page.

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