Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Amendment Seminar Successful

High school administrators, publications editors and advisers representing six Indiana high schools met last Friday at the Ball State Center in Indianapolis to participate in the Scholastic Partnership for the First Amendment seminar co-sponsored by J-Ideas and the Indiana High School Press Association.

Finding a time when such busy people could meet was a challenge, but those who attended provided focus, energy, and good humor that helped them work together through a day of information, discussion and planning sessions for their schools.

The goal was to form partnerships between high school student media and administration. Uninterrupted time to share ideas about school missions and the benefits of student voice gave participants the opportunity to compare concerns about high school issues and develop strategies to communicate effectively before controversies arise.

Those of us who been to school board meetings and courtrooms where similar issues were discussed after controversial coverage evolved agreed that this was better.

Election Coverage

Clark and I had the opportunity to attend one of the smaller Barack Obama visits to Indiana when he spoke in Terre Haute last Saturday, Sept. 6. (One example is at right, but there are crowd shots too.) Anyone who wants to use any photos is welcome to do so with a Clark Hadley, IHSPA photo credit. Just contact me by e-mail.

It is likely that both parties will continue to court Indiana with visits over the next few weeks. Anyone who wants to provide other candidate or event photos to share with other student publications is welcome to do so. Be sure to give the photographer’s name, school, place of the event and date so that photo credits will be complete.

Keep sending examples of coverage as well. I would like to continue to showcase the great work our students are doing with this historic election and Indiana’s role in it.

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