Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Preparing For Our "Chelsea" Moment

Chelsea Schneider, 2004 Indiana Student Journalist of the Year, says she can’t wait to come home for her “favorite holiday,” the IHSPA State Convention.

First as a Warren Central High School student, then a Franklin College journalism major/IHSPA assistant, and now as a session leader representing the Arizona Republic, Chelsea represents many who look forward to an annual gathering at Franklin College.
My office is a reflection of Chelsea’s holiday comparison. There are boxes of awards, bags and bag stuffers, table decorations, and lists of things yet to do before everyone converges next week for the 87th annual gathering at Franklin College.

Registrations went over the 500 mark early last week to prove that despite limitations on field trips and finances, advisers still think it’s important to bring students to an event where they can learn new things, share ideas, and celebrate successes.
As I look at the session topics, I wish that I could attend them. I think students will enjoy the leaders and their approach to a variety of journalistic areas and issues, and I think advisers will be energized by several initiatives that will be presented at the adviser business meeting/luncheon.

Must go…things to do…see you soon!

McCain and Obama Photos Available

In addition to the Obama photos available through our IHSPA photo service, Sarah Bumbalough, a junior on the Richmond High School Pierian staff, has sent photos of John McCain and Sarah Palin (see photo above) that she took when McCain announced Palin as his running mate at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Anyone who wants to use them for the price of Sarah’s photo credit (including her staff and school) can contact me.
I hope all staffs will send PDFs of their special election coverage for our Web site and articles about Indiana high school newspaper reporting.

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